“Ideas can come from a book, often a history book where the problematic resonates with the times. I am reading “Pascoa et ses deux maris” by French historian Charlotte de Castelnau-L’Estoile. The story of the trial of a slave woman accused of bigamy by the Inquisition at the end of the 17th century. This book raises very contemporary issues since it is about a woman, black and a slave. It is a heartbreaking story that elicits a lot of anger. And questions.

Taking feminism into consideration and the current feminist movement, this makes me wonder about  the caricature of femininity (high heels, pencil skirt ...) which ultimately imprison women by limiting their movement. How to free yourself from all this without falling into anachronisms? The equation is complicated.

Then there are also issues related to the representation of diversity and those of modern slavery. These are matters that deeply concern us because they go hand in hand with environmental issues.”

Gustavo Lins

« Pascoa et ses deux maris. Une esclave entre Angola, Brésil et Portugal au XVIIe siècle », de Charlotte de Castelnau-L’Estoile, PUF, 304 p., 19 €.