To free the silk scarf from its status of a simple accessory. That was Gustavo Lins’ wish. His long time collaboration with the house of Hermès for the “Petit h” line, has always triggered the desire to further explore the role of the scarf, which if not tied can be quickly lost.

A stock of antique scarves dug out from a vintage store in the Republique neigborhood shortly before the March lockdown, provided an opportunity to experiment, while Paris was on pause.

The starting point was to figure out how to wear a scarf with a simple t-shirt. The scarf is first thrown in a simple drape over a Stockman, a few pins placed here and there then allows to shape it.

The t-shirt is then brought on next to the scarf. It's like an encounter: a t-shirt which has a fairly stable structure, receives a scarf which, by nature must remain fluid. It took a little time to find the right balance and thus allow the two elements to coexist. We have, since then, retrieved old sketchbooks of Gustavo featuring the silhouette of a scarf t-shirt. It was all there already. Only waiting for the appropriate timing.

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